Wyoming is a leading energy producer and we set the national standard for environmental issues—clean air, clean water, and open space. Therefore, Wyoming should be a leader both in energy development and environmental stewardship.

Energy, and how it is developed, directly impacts wealth, competitiveness and quality of life. Reliable and affordable power and fuels are necessary for business and industrial stability, growth, retention and recruitment. Global demand for energy will continue to increase and all forms of energy will be required. Energy development is directly related to economic and workforce development.

The three primary overviews of the Energy Strategy are of equal importance to the state of Wyoming; in fact, they are integral to each other. Each possesses certain challenges and opportunities, which can be achieved through the ongoing efforts of the energy strategy.

I seek great tolerance between elements which can jeopardize Wyoming’s future. And by that I mean there is a certain amount of worth in what the environmentalists and the ecologists are doing and a certain amount of merit to adequate and decent mining of our minerals.

I wish these two elements, instead of warring, would get together and come to some compromise that would augur well for the future of our state.


In order to meet the challenges ahead, Wyoming must lead in development, production, generation, and exports. We must create affordable, abundant, reliable power and fuel production. And, we must maintain and grow energy market share, and innovate by adding value to resources.

Wyoming will be the standard bearer in responsible development and we must conserve our natural resources and heritage.

Wyoming will achieve excellence in energy development, production, and stewardship of its natural resources for the highest benefit of its citizens.