Our Charge

Our collective charge is to power and fuel the nation in a responsible way. We all benefit from this, and we all have a role to play.

Wyoming has a solid tradition and track record of charting our destiny on our terms—for both energy and the environment. We cannot rest on our laurels, however. There is more we can do to attain the vision of achieving excellence in energy development and stewardship for the highest benefit of our citizens. This strategy provides the framework to that end.

The strategy is designed to be dynamic, not static. It is designed to provide continuing guidance for agencies, industry and others. It is designed to last—not to be here today, gone tomorrow. In future years, we will build on the successes of past years. We will mark our progress and make additional progress. We will continue to reach out to others for input.

The energy strategy will become a systematic part of the annual planning and budgeting process for Wyoming government. It will provide a way for Wyoming to approach energy exploration, development and production balanced with the environment for the benefit of the people of this state. A number of concrete, specific initiatives for the first year were listed. State agencies will fall in line with the strategy. We hope those outside government will use it, too.

The Governor’s Office will host energy roundtables to generate feedback on the strategy from time to time. We will keep asking: “How do we continue to add value to opportunities for the highest benefit for Wyoming?”

Diverse groups and people weighed in on the development of this framework. To be successful, diverse groups needs to help see it through. We all must contribute our best efforts to implement Wyoming’s Action Plan for Energy, Environment and Economy.

This is our charge:

Natural resource sub-cabinets must aggressively pursue efficiencies, coordinate efforts and implement the plan in a transparent fashion.

Individual agencies must incorporate this framework and these initiatives into their strategic plans, budgets and performance goals. Each agency should align itself such that every employee understands that his or her job is related to a vision of balanced energy production.

The Legislature must continue to partner with the executive branch, integrating this action plan into its work—for example, by identifying legislation, focusing on particular topics, or advancing initiatives.

Educators must incorporate the importance of energy, the environment and the economy into their teaching of our future workforce, engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Industry and natural resource stakeholders must collectively focus on achieving excellence in energy development, production and stewardship. As markets evolve, technologies change—Wyoming must be on the cutting edge and be prepared through an ongoing commitment to this strategic framework.

The public must stay involved, share ideas and provide feedback.

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