Governor Mead

Sworn to office as Wyoming’s 32nd Governor on January 3, 2011, Matt Mead has since devoted his focus to promoting economic growth for the state, organizing and implementing a state energy strategy, consolidating government services, bolstering local government and enhancing infrastructure, along with expanding access to high-speed broadband.

Regional and National Leadership roles:

  • Council of Governors

  • Natural Resources Committee

  • National Governors Association

  • Co-chair or State and Federal Sage Grouse Task Force

The Governor’s focus on energy led the drive to forming a statewide energy strategy. His office will be responsible for monitoring the progress of each of the 47 strategic initiatives, or action items, that constitute the strategy.

A Message From Governor Matthew H. Mead

Energy is Wyoming’s top industry. Our energy resources are vitally needed. They are important to our state, our country and the world. Likewise, our treasures of nature are important to all who live, visit, or find inspiration here. To be good stewards of all this bounty, we cannot sit back and hope for the best. We need a strategy we can use now, and in the future, that strikes the right balance between energy development and environmental conservation.

Over the past two years, Wyoming’s efforts to manage our energy and environmental resources have been successful. We have fought for balance in Bureau of Land Management Resource Management Plans, as well as national forest plans. We have insisted that these plans include protections for water, air and wildlife while maintaining agricultural, recreational and industrial opportunity – all of which are important to Wyoming. We have increased funding to the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust. In partnership with other states, we are increasing the supply of natural gas vehicles. The Energy, Engineering and STEM Integration Task Force is charting a path to lead the University of Wyoming toward becoming a tier one engineering college. We have made strides in workplace safety.

These are concrete accomplishments. We achieved them by rolling up our sleeves and working with many people from a broad spectrum of interests. With a collective focus and resolve, we can do even more.

A Wyoming energy strategy is one of my highest priorities. The strategy I envision requires an open process with public input. Many groups and individuals – energy companies, conservation groups, local governments, agriculture groups, educators, interested citizens and others – participated in developing this initial strategy. It is comprehensive, balances development and conservation, and provides the flexibility to change with time. It is the beginning of a continuum.

My office staff committed time and talent, giving all I asked of them. They will work with people across the state as we continue forward. My thanks to everyone involved.

It is great now to see the energy strategy published in the pages that follow. I give a glimpse of it here and encourage its use. The strategy itself is roughly triangular. It has five tiers, with broader concepts at the top and increasingly more specific ones at each successive level. At the apex, appropriately, is the overall vision statement: “Wyoming will achieve excellence in energy development, production, and stewardship of its natural resources for the highest benefit of its citizens.” The rest of the strategy – guiding principles, strategic themes, objectives and initiatives – grows from this vision.

By working through the tiers of the strategy from the top down, reasonable proposals will emerge. A number of initiatives for the first year have already been identified. These are concrete activities, specific enough for state government to be accountable in executing the strategy.

This plan and its framework offer a logical approach to energy exploration, development and production, and balance these practices with the environment. It is designed to be regularly revised, updated, and integrated into the state’s planning and budgeting processes. Year after year, we will build on the successes of past years while we establish plans for the future.

My office looks forward to reporting to the Legislature and the public on the strategy, annual results, and new initiatives.


Matthew H. Mead

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